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For International Customers

We offer international shipping via EMS.



We offer international shipping via EMS.


How to Order:
Please inform us of the products you wish to purchase by contacting us at
Please provide the following information:


・Phone number (mobile phone is also acceptable)
・Email address
・Desired products for purchase (Please specify the product names and quantities)


Shipping fees vary depending on the weight of the packaged items and the destination country. Once the packing is done by our staff, we will send you an invoice via PayPal for the product cost, shipping fees, delivery insurance, and handling charges. We will proceed with the shipment as soon as we confirm the payment.


・PayPal is the only accepted payment method.
・Some items, including plants, cannot be shipped via EMS.
・Shipping fees vary based on weight and the destination country.
・Shipping fees are determined by weight after packing. Changes or additions to orders cannot be made after order confirmation.
・For international shipping via EMS, a packing fee of 1,000 yen per shipment will be charged.


⚠️ Items that are sold out in the online store cannot be purchased even if you email us.


For reference, here are the shipping rates:


New ways to purchase products prohibited for resale











ご注文後24時間以内に、写真付き身分証明書を撮影し、件名に注文番号を記載の上、メールアドレス id@toky.jp 宛にお送りください。
写真付き身分証明書は免許証、パスポート、マイナンバーカード、社員証、学生証、健康保険証、障害者手帳、在留カード 等が該当します。


(住民票、電気水道ガスなどの領収書 等)






By taking measures using the NFT, we have been able to reduce resales and make smooth sales possible.
In response to this change, we have simplified the purchasing process for “Prohibited Resale Items”.



How to purchase from outside Japan


[Customers who have sent us their face and photo ID at least once before].
We have retained all customer data, so from now on, it will no longer be necessary for customers to send us any images after placing an order.



[First-time customers]
After placing your order, please take a picture of your passport or ID card and send it to id@toky.jp by the end of the day with your order number in the subject line.





This is an important announcement for customers outside of Japan.



This is an important announcement for customers outside of Japan.


At TOKY, we have been receiving orders via email for many years. We have shipped out this orders through EMS.


However, with the increase of horticulturalists around the world, it has become difficult for us to keep up with all of your messages.


The spread of the coronavirus is one reason that an increasing number of people are looking to enjoy plants indoors.


TOKY will be suspending email orders for the time being.


We will be using a forwarding service to continue shipping overseas. Please use this service.


Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.




Explanation of Resale Prohibited Products


We position some products such as the TOMODACHI First machine  Sofubi as “Resale Prohibited Products”.
Please arrange for yourself when you purchase the following items.





[To all customers in the world]
Within an 3 hour or less after your order, please send the below image to id@toky.jp.Please be sure to shoot after ordering (Please be sure to include your order number in the subject line of the email).
The shipping address you sent below will be registered by our company, and you cannot change it when you purchase “Resale Prohibited Products” at a later time.



※1 免許証、パスポート、社員証、学生証、健康保険証、障害者手帳、在留カード 等
※2 TV、ニュースサイト画面、町名表示、ランドマーク等と共に撮影されたもの。


(1) Along with a photo of a picture ID with your face, also include in the same photo something that shows the date (*) which is recognizable in the photo (Driver’s license, passport, employee ID, student ID, health insurance card, disability certificate, residence card, etc.)
*photographed together with a TV, News site, Town name display, landmark, etc.




(住民票、電気水道ガスなどの領収書 等)


(2) If the address on the picture ID and the shipping address is different, a certificate that shows your address (Resident’s card, electricity or water bills, etc.)





If we determine that one of the following items applies, we will cancel the order. Also, we will make absolutely no contact regarding cancellations.
– If the image of (1) or (2) were not attached and sent within 3 hour less from the purchase
– If the face or letters in the image is unclear (when the face cannot be recognized due to poor image quality, hats, sunglasses, or masks)
– When there are traces of image edits like using Photoshop – When we determine that there is a risk that you might be a reseller, or you might resell





*Please note that the contents of the “Resale Prohibited Products” may change depending on the situation.



About the Forwarding service registration and TOKY site member registration




Dear overseas customers,
To quickly purchase popular products from TOKY’s online shop, please make sure to complete the below registration.


1. Register for a Forwarding Service
There are many types of Forwarding services in the world.
Please find a service that can forward the product you purchased from a Japanese online shop to an address in your country.




*If you do not register for a Forwarding service, you cannot make a purchase even when you become a TOKY website member.
*Please enter the address provided by a Forwarding service on the member registration screen of the TOKY website.



2. New Member Registration for TOKY
Website Once the registration for a Forwarding service is complete, based on that information, please register as a new member.






Please set the ID and Password and enter the information required for shipment.






Press the link button that has arrived in the e-mail to official registration.

Please safely keep your ID and Password so you don’t lose them.

Best regards.












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